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Pelajaran - Sales Questions That Close Every Deal

Book ID: BSMS645324
Category: Sales, Marketing & Brand Management
Book Title: Sales Questions That Close Every Deal—1,000 Field-Tested Questions to Increase your Profits
Authors: Gerhard Gschwandtner and Donald J. Moine
Publication Year: 2007

Chapter 3: Probing for Prospect's Needs

Finding Your Prospect's Expectations

1. If there were an ideal solution to this problem, what would it be?
2. If I had a magic wand and I could give you the ideal product, what would it be like?
3. What criteria have you set for evaluating this type of product (service)?
4. What kind of service and support would you like to see to take care of your needs for the next five years?
5. What do you expect us to do to solve your problem in a way that will completely satisfy you?
6. What do we have to do to make you completely happy?
7. What type of features do you expect from a product like this?
8. Could you tell me the three top features you would like to see in this product?
9. What are the major benefits you are looking for?
10. I am sure you have given this purchase a lot of thought. What items have you put on your "wish list"?
11. Would you be able to tell me exactly what specific criteria you are looking for?
12. Could you describe the type of features you had in mind?
13. What are the most essential points we need to consider?
14. If you could get the machine of your dreams, what would it be like?
15. If price were no object, what would be the ideal solution to this problem?
16. What would your ideal computer be able to do?
17. Can you tell me all the features that you are not interested in having?
18. When you and your management team talked about that investment, what were the criteria that they felt were absolutely essential?
19. Is there anything at all we left off your list of features that you need to have?
20. Which price range best fits your budget?
21. What are your requirements in terms of financing?
22. Would you expect this to last a little longer than the one you purchased previously?
23. Ideally, what do you expect in terms of service?
24. What do we need to do to make you a customer for life?
25. What kind of price were you expecting to pay?
26. What price range did you have in mind?
27. What sort of financing deal were you expecting?
28. What kinds of tax benefits are you most interested in?
29. Are you expecting us to arrange for shipping?
30. How much horsepower do you need?
31. Do you need extensive training, or just a brief orientation after delivery?
32. Were you planning to pay for this purchase all up-front, or were you planning to finance this purchase?
33. Do you expect to make a decision soon?
34. For how many years do you expect to use this product?
35. Are you planning to make this decision sometime this week?
36. You know your operation better than me. Would you share with me what your requirements are?
37. How can we help you to avoid such a problem in the future? What do you expect from us to solve your operator-training problems?
38. You are the expert in the company. Based on all of your years of work with this company, what would you say you need to get the job done?
39. You know your company's financial position better than anyone. What would you say the budget is for an expenditure like this?
40. You are a known authority in this area. If you could get the perfect product, what would it look like? What would it be able to do without breaking your budget?
41. You know your company's policies better than anyone. How do they look at foreign manufactured goods? Do they expect this _______ to be 100 percent American made?
42. I trust and value your opinion. What is the one thing, the one problem, we should avoid at all costs?
43. Since we talked last, what has changed in your expectations?

Identifying Buying Motives

1. How much is this problem costing you now?
2. What would be the consequences of not making this investment?
3. What would happen to your productivity if you didn't buy this machine?
4. How important is it to you to solve this problem quickly?
5. How much longer can you put this off?
6. Is it important to you to get an advantage over the competition?
7. How important is it to you to own the very finest product available?
8. How important is it to you to get the most respected and most experienced company to support you?
9. You mentioned that quality is very important to you. I was wondering, why did you put "quality" on top of your list?
10. What is the most important reason that speaks in favor of buying this product?
11. Which one of these three features is the most important one to you?
12. What is it that you like about this product?
13. Without regard to price, which model do you think is the best? Why?
14. You mentioned that performance is important to you. What made you say that?
15. What would happen to you if you didn't make this investment?
16. Could you tell me how your operation will change as a result of having this product?
17. What is it that you like most about this type of machine? Why?
18. How important is it to you to have higher speed?
19. You mentioned that there were several requirements. Which one is the most important to you? Which one would you rank in second place?
20. When you look at maintenance costs and ease of operation, which of these would be more important to you?
21. Obviously price and quality are important. Is there anything else that outweighs these two?
22. Could you tell me your top two choices from this catalog? Why did you choose these?
23. I'd like to get your objective opinion on this. What would you consider the strongest points of this product? Why?
24. It sounds like you are leaning toward the larger model because the extra safety features are important to you. Am I reading you correctly?

Understanding Key Words

1. You mentioned that you are interested in "higher quality." What exactly do you mean by that?
2. You told me earlier that you are looking for a "longer-lasting" product. How long would it have to last?
3. You expressed an interest in "value." What kind of value are you looking for?
4. You feel that a "stronger guarantee" is very important to you. What would you consider the essentials of a strong guarantee?
5. You just used the term "reliability." Can you tell me exactly what "reliability" means to you?
6. Could you give me an example of what you mean by "more productive"?
7. What did you have in mind when you mentioned "easy access"?
8. You mentioned you had a need for a "better product." Better in what way?
9. I was wondering, how do you measure "productivity"?
10. How soon is "soon" to you?
11. How quick is "quick" to you? How many days is that?
12. What exactly do you mean by "lower interest"?
13. How long would you like this "extended payment term" to be?
14. When you say you want a "powerful" engine for this unit, how much horsepower do you need?
15. You say that your system should be "easy to expand." What do you mean by that?
16. You told me that you want a boat that is "easily transportable." How do you define that?
17. You mentioned that you would want to have a second unit "sometime in the future." How many years are we talking about?
18. You said that you wanted a "simple" product. How simple would it have to be?
19. You said that you would be willing to pay "a little extra" for the design. How much extra?
20. I remember your talking about your budget being "limited." What exactly do you mean by that? How much would you be able to invest?
21. You said that you would be interested "in larger storage capacity." How much square footage would you require to meet your needs?

Chapter 5: Handling Objections with Questions

Isolating the Objection

1. Is that the only reason holding you back from owning this product?
2. Other than that, is there any other reason you can think of that would speak against this purchase?
3. Suppose that speed were not a problem. Would there be any other reason against installing this model?
4. Suppose we could solve the financing problem to your satisfaction. Would you go ahead with this purchase?
5. Suppose we could find a satisfactory solution to this important concern of yours. Would you give the go-ahead to this project?
6. Just suppose we could solve the operating problem. Would there be any reason against buying this machine?
7. Just suppose we could find a way to improve the quality. Would you ask us to be your supplier?
8. I know you have been considering this model for a long time. Just suppose we could meet your need for lower payments. Would there be any other reason why you would not get one today?
9. If we were lower, would you buy right now?
10. If this problem did not exist, would you sign the order at this time?
11. Is this the only problem that is holding you back?
12. If we can solve this problem right now, will you buy it now?
13. Is this the only concern you have about this purchase?
14. Obviously you have been thinking long and hard about this. What other concerns do you have?
15. Before I answer your question, are there any other concerns that are holding you back from enjoying this product?
16. Besides _____, what else are you concerned with?
17. I am glad you brought that up. Is that your most important concern?
18. Is there anything else besides _____ that would prevent you from buying this?
19. Are you saying that if we can find a way to meet your needs for a lower down payment, we have a deal?
20. Are you saying that if we get you a maintenance agreement that includes the costs for parts, we have a deal?

Understanding Reasons Behind the Objection

1. I am surprised to hear you say that. What do you mean by "too high"?
2. Obviously you must have a reason for saying that. Would you mind if I asked what it is?
3. That's an interesting point. What makes you say that?
4. What do you mean by "too complicated"?
5. Could you tell me the reasons for and against making a decision at this time?
6. What seems to be the reason behind your plant manager's rejecting our specifications?
7. Could you explain why your expansion plans have been put on hold?
8. You obviously feel very strongly about that. What triggers such a strong reaction?
9. Of course, you want to talk this over with your partner. What items will you be discussing with him?
10. I understand that this is a difficult decision for you. What are some of the reasons that speak for and against buying this model?
11. Would you mind explaining to me why you feel that way?
12. Is there something that is not being expressed here? Why do I get the feeling that you are not as enthusiastic about this product as you have been?
13. Would you mind explaining to me why your colleague feels that way?
14. You have been very quiet. Would you mind telling me what you are thinking about?
15. You don't seem to have as much urgency on this project as you had before. Could you tell me what happened between our last visit and now?
16. Suppose we could find a way to get around the financing question. Would there be any reason against going ahead with this purchase?
17. I understand that you need more time to think. I'd like to help you. What exactly do you need to think about?
18. That is an interesting point. Why do you bring that up?
19. I very rarely have someone ask about that. What made you bring that up?

Answering Objections with Questions

1. Would you agree that it takes information, not time, to make a decision? What kind of information are you really looking for to make a good decision?
2. You know, the rotary telephone looked complicated to people who never owned a telephone before. Is it possible that our product only looks complicated to you?
3. I agree. Our price is a little higher, but so is our quality. Are you interested in saving $1,200 a year on maintenance?
4. Sure, it costs a little more. However, you have the assurance that it will cost much less over its lifetime. Isn't that the way your own products are made?
5. Would you agree that the quality of a product is remembered much longer than the price?
6. Would you agree that the sweetness of low price is quickly forgotten when you have to deal every day with the bitterness of low quality?
7. You and I know that the true price of this machine is determined by the amount of production work you can get out of it. Wouldn't you agree with that?
8. That brings up a question. Is low price more important than the life of the product?
9. That brings up a question. What is more important to you—to save a few hundred dollars now on a lower price, or to save a few thousand dollars over the lifetime of this high-quality product?
10. I understand how you feel about price, but would you tell me how you feel about our quality? 11. That brings up a question. How important is it to you to have a reliable machine and a reliable dealer standing behind that product on the rare occasions when you do need service?
12. Your point is well taken. It does cost more than any other product on the market. But why do you think we sell millions of them at these very same prices?
13. I appreciate how you feel. Many of my customers have made similar comments prior to buying from me. However, they all asked themselves: Can I afford not to have the best? Won't it cost me more in the long run?
14. I personally feel that the price is too low for what you are getting. Do you think that all these satisfied owners would have bought from us if they had not checked out the incredible cost savings they get with this service? Would you like to talk to some of the people who were in a similar situation as you are now?
15. It looks expensive, but don't you think this is an advantage?
16. I understand that you want to take more time to think about this purchase. But, may I ask you a question? What will change tomorrow? What will you gain by waiting?And what will you lose by not taking advantage of this opportunity?
17. Do you know the definition of a "procrastinator"? Someone who can't take "now" for an answer. Let me ask you a question: Is there any logical reason you could not say yes right now?
18. That brings up a question. What are the advantages of waiting, and what are the advantages of buying right now?
19. Imagine what this product could do if you had it right now. Think of the time savings. Think of the increased productivity. Think of the pride of ownership. Think of the happy faces on your employees. Would you want to say no to them, just because of a little hesitation about the down payment?
20. Aren't you exaggerating a little bit? Aren't you saying that you deserve the very best after the many years of hard work you have been putting into this business?

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